Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blog Train Stops Here!!

 Choo-chooo!!! You are officially pulling in to the Bergen County, NJ station of WM[squared]'s fabulous birthday blog train!!
I know you're mainly here for the template, but I'd like to share with you my favorite birthday memory. Actually, it wasn't my birthday at all! My boyfriend at the time, Jeffrey (he's now the husband) was turning 28 and I wanted to organize a little surprise party. So, I talked him into watching a movie in my room between dinner and dessert. Earlier that week, I'd slipped my mom a key and told her to sneak up the stairs with my sister and my niece and hide in the kitchen at a set time. Then, when the movie was over, I had Jeffrey head into the kitchen to get his dessert. Needless to say, my family jumped out from behind the refrigerator and Jeffrey screamed and jumped into the air. My sister, being the astute person she is, managed to snap a picture:

Needless to say it was TOO FUNNY!! Jeff was eventually a good sport and NEVER stopped talking about it!

Well, thanks for dropping by and take care now! Wait, what's that you say? Oh you came for a template? Oh yeah!! Forgot about that!
Grab it --> HERE!!

You should have come here from Heather's Blog and you're now on to Heidi'sBlog! If you get lost along the way or you just want to go wish Wendy a very happy birthday, you can find her blog HERE!